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Once Upon A Time


A story starring: Aselle Adaim as Kiwi gal, Greg King as English boy, Angie Broadfoot as good friend Angie, Owen Rowe as good friend Owen.

#Kiwigal #Englishboy #PottsPoint #Market #Kingsdownunder

Once upon a Saturday a Kiwi gal and an English boy decided to take a break from flat-hunting and open-homes and catch up with their good friends Angie and Owen at the Potts Point weekend market for coffee followed by a scrumptious brunch and more coffee.

Angie Broadfoot

This is my friend Angie, who seems to suffer from a peculiar aversion to having her face photographed, however this condition does not seem to extend to the rest of her, so she let me photograph her feet; thanks Angie, love your shoes.

#Feet #pottspoint #market

On the other hand, luckily for me Owen’s aversions stop at Gluten, and he is always happy to strike a pose for my blog; thanks Owen

Owen Roowe

There is always a bit of a queue for the Salvador coffee stand…


The market was buzzing with people  and lots of great stalls. Every man & his dog


and woman (& her Yoga mat?) were at the market.





There was fresh fruit and veges…


and friendly flowers….



Everywhere….everywhere, adorable transportation everywhere…….


Then we found a café spot, so I can cry in my Haloumi & poached egg stack about how unaffordable Sydney real estate is….


It was a very good stack…and once I tucked in, I almost forgot about real estate woes….and soon enough I was feeling better, even happy, particularly when I snapped a half face shot of unsuspecting Angie….


 Happy weekend everyone  :-)


March and April recap: part 1

Hello people; sorry for the absence. Some of you know that it has been a weird couple of months which included an ambulance ride in Sydney, a visit to Saint Vincent’s hospital, and a visit to the Prince of Wales hospital! We will spare you the gory details, fast forward to the end and tell you (touch wood) both Greg and I are fine….and we might just live to blog another day (well, I will blog, and he will proof read)!

#Lawyer #NZBar #KingsDownUnder

Now onto the happy stuff; Remember how Greg left private practice (working for a law firm) and moved in-house (working as an in-house counsel for a corporation)….It has been 3 months…AAAND…he tells me that he has not missed private practice one teeny bit….and although in-house has it’s challenges, a direct quote from him; “any challenge turns out to be better than time recording, marketing, and ridiculous budgets”…and guess what, he was actually good at time recording, marketing, and beating budget! I can only imagine how the mere mortal legal practitioner feels :-)

#Lawyer #KingsDownUnder #Wig #NZBar

P.S This photo was taken when Greg was called to the New Zealand Bar (after he had to sit and pass massive exams to re-qualify in NZ, because his UK law qualification didn’t count).

P.S.S. No, he did not have a massive blond ‘fro, it’s a wig, which you have to wear for the admission ceremony!

P.S.S.S. No he doesn’t have to wear a wig to work! I think only Barristers do!

Disclaimer: Greg is too busy to proof read this post, so it might have typos, because I can’t proof read my own writing :-( Sorry


Partying with the Russians; Maslenitsa


Last weekend the Kings & Miss Bernadette partied with the Russians! It was Maslenitsa.   We went to it last year as well remember? Maslenitsa is the Russian equivalent of Shrove Tuesday in the UK (from what I gathered).





Girl in traditional Russian outfit in Sydney

We found out that we are certainly no match for those Russians when it comes to partying and we can only stand 30 plus degrees Celsius only for so long, therefore we took refuge in the Rocks Café….

The Rocks Cafe Sydney

The Rocks Cafe Sydney Australia

Where clearly Greg was still suffering from the aftermath of a heat stroke