I am Aselle. I am a Kiwi who recently located with my Pommy husband to Sydney, Australia from Auckland, NZ. Call it what you call it (We call it a career move, my mum calls it a quarter life crisis, and my postgrad supervisor calls it the brain drain), we are having a blast, and we decided to start this blog so that our families (mine in NZ, and Greg’s in the UK) and our friends (who seem to be scattered around the world on their various big O.Es) can keep up with our adventures.

So far what I miss about home; family and friends, my baby grand piano, lying in the grass (without having to worry about what’s lying down there with you), and Whittaker’s chocolate.

What I like about my new home: the weather (It’s AMAZING!), not having a car and taking public transport everywhere (it makes me feel environmentally friendly and smug), living right in the centre of Sydney, the fireworks (they have some every other day here!), and did I mention the weather…even if I did, it’s worth another mention.

So welcome to our domain (pun intended) :-) We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are….

Aselle Adaim