Tin/Aluminium Wedding Anniversary

#LoveHearts #darlingHarbour

And in March we celebrated our Tin/Aluminium Wedding Anniversary! Albeit in a proper senior citizen style.We went out to dinner at Darling Harbour (at about 5.30pm), after dinner we hummed and arrghed about dessert, do we get one each or do we share? Finally we opted for take away coffees and a walk along Darling Harbour. All in all, we were done and home by 8pm,  in the nick of time to catch Miss Marple! How geriatric is that?


However, Darling Harbour did lay it on for our anniversary, with heart shaped lights and heart shaped decorations. Thank you Darling Harbour (or Sydney City Council in your tardiness removing the Valentine’s Day decorations!) you made our day (and my photos)!



Then I got all nostalgic and decided to browse through our wedding photos;




I hope I didn’t bore you to sleep…..




Happy Wedding Tin/Aluminium Anniversary husband…..it feels like it was yesterday….until I look at those photos and see how young (and skinny) we were! and then realise that it’s been aaaagggeees….


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