Once Upon A Time


A story starring: Aselle Adaim as Kiwi gal, Greg King as English boy, Angie Broadfoot as good friend Angie, Owen Rowe as good friend Owen.

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Once upon a Saturday a Kiwi gal and an English boy decided to take a break from flat-hunting and open-homes and catch up with their good friends Angie and Owen at the Potts Point weekend market for coffee followed by a scrumptious brunch and more coffee.

Angie Broadfoot

This is my friend Angie, who seems to suffer from a peculiar aversion to having her face photographed, however this condition does not seem to extend to the rest of her, so she let me photograph her feet; thanks Angie, love your shoes.

#Feet #pottspoint #market

On the other hand, luckily for me Owen’s aversions stop at Gluten, and he is always happy to strike a pose for my blog; thanks Owen

Owen Roowe

There is always a bit of a queue for the Salvador coffee stand…


The market was buzzing with people  and lots of great stalls. Every man & his dog


and woman (& her Yoga mat?) were at the market.





There was fresh fruit and veges…


and friendly flowers….



Everywhere….everywhere, adorable transportation everywhere…….


Then we found a café spot, so I can cry in my Haloumi & poached egg stack about how unaffordable Sydney real estate is….


It was a very good stack…and once I tucked in, I almost forgot about real estate woes….and soon enough I was feeling better, even happy, particularly when I snapped a half face shot of unsuspecting Angie….


 Happy weekend everyone  :-)


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