March and April recap: part 1

Hello people; sorry for the absence. Some of you know that it has been a weird couple of months which included an ambulance ride in Sydney, a visit to Saint Vincent’s hospital, and a visit to the Prince of Wales hospital! We will spare you the gory details, fast forward to the end and tell you (touch wood) both Greg and I are fine….and we might just live to blog another day (well, I will blog, and he will proof read)!

#Lawyer #NZBar #KingsDownUnder

Now onto the happy stuff; Remember how Greg left private practice (working for a law firm) and moved in-house (working as an in-house counsel for a corporation)….It has been 3 months…AAAND…he tells me that he has not missed private practice one teeny bit….and although in-house has it’s challenges, a direct quote from him; “any challenge turns out to be better than time recording, marketing, and ridiculous budgets”…and guess what, he was actually good at time recording, marketing, and beating budget! I can only imagine how the mere mortal legal practitioner feels :-)

#Lawyer #KingsDownUnder #Wig #NZBar

P.S This photo was taken when Greg was called to the New Zealand Bar (after he had to sit and pass massive exams to re-qualify in NZ, because his UK law qualification didn’t count).

P.S.S. No, he did not have a massive blond ‘fro, it’s a wig, which you have to wear for the admission ceremony!

P.S.S.S. No he doesn’t have to wear a wig to work! I think only Barristers do!

Disclaimer: Greg is too busy to proof read this post, so it might have typos, because I can’t proof read my own writing :-( Sorry


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