Happy Year of the Sheep (or Goat, or Ram)


Happy Chinese New Year, apparently a new year lost in translation literally! Which is it? The year of the sheep, the goat, or the ram? A ChineseĀ  friend explained to me the source of the confusion comes down to the translation of the Mandarin symbol for this year “Yang” to English. You see “Yang” without being qualified apparently refers pretty much to any hooved animal that eats grass. I decided to go with the sheep because I am a kiwi and well…NZ is home to more than 60 million sheep ( and 3 million people).

Your Caprinae animal of choice aside; Sydney happens to be hosting one of the biggest Chinese New Year festivals outside of Asia! This is mostly due to Australia’s close ties to Asia and the large Asian community here. The celebration thus far consisted of an exhibition of 90 rainbow coloured Terracotta warriors located in Circular Quay, colourful lanterns and food stalls have lined Darling harbour, twilight parades, and fireworks.


>> There was lots of drumming and dragons dancing around Chinatown, unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to take a photo of the dragon but I think I might have succeeded in perforating my eardrums.


>>And if you pass through the gate, you will have good luck and prosper for the entire year.



>> I went to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition with Kathy on Friday night in Circular Quay


>> Greg and I checked out the Darling Harbour celebrations on Saturday, it was jam packed with people.



>> The lantern displays were breath taking, and have you noticed how Greg traded in his England Cricket Jersey with the Black Caps one? Shortly after England’s abysmal performance against NZ last week!



>> I loved taking photos of the reflection of the lanterns against the water.




Whatever floats your goat; Happy 2015 Lunar year.

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