Russian Festival-001

Have I ever told you that I am absolutely in love with Russian culture!  The love affair began predominantly through my piano studies. I fell in love with Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky music and they incorporated a lot of their culture into their compositions. Of course, I do realise that there is more to Russian culture than matryoshka dolls, Swan Lake and Leo Tolstoy !

None the less, this weekend I was lucky enough to learn a little bit more about Russian culture as we were introduced to the festival of Maslenitsa through a colleague of mine who is Russian. I was told that the tradition of Maslenitsa dates back to pagan times, when Russian folk would bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. However, this is a Sydney style Maslenitsa, so I guess we are bidding farewell to summer and welcoming winter :-( although Sydney winters are nowhere near as bad as Russian winters so hooray for southern hemisphere Maslenitsa and we can keep on smiling !

Russian Festival-002

The weather was absolutely shocking! I have never seen it rain so badly in Sydney for the 10 months that I’ve been living here! But to be honest from what I read about this holiday/Festival, I would feel very weird if I was eating those rich crepes in 30 degree heat, so in a way the bad weather and the drop in temperature were somewhat fitting.

Russian Festival-003


It wasn’t Sergei Rachmaninoff but it was still pretty cool traditional Russian music.

Russian Festival

The food proved to be just as rich as the culture and we tried some wonderful Pirozhki (which was a lot like Cornish Pasty)


and some Vatrushki (round things with cheese in the middle). P.S. How cool is her apron?! I totally want one.


Thank you Dimitry and Anna for showing us around (Anna on the left, Dimitry on the right, and a friend of theirs who is dressed in a traditional Russian outfit).

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