Out & About: My Sydney

#Fiat500 #Sydney

When I finally succumb to the limitation of public transport in Sydney, this will be the car I buy…not just yet though…there is still fight left in me….

#ConcreteJungle #Sydney

A rumble in the concrete jungle; taken during a rainy (and thundery) day in Sydney…still beautiful even without the customary sunshine that I’ve gotten so used to…

#Utebike #Sydney

Move over fixies…the Ute bike is way more hipster……

#OldBus #Sydney

The Old Sydney Bus…if you love it like I do or missed it on the streets…then you can see more at the Sydney Bus Museum

Corn on the cob

They say to fall in love with a city you must eat its street food…..

#DarlingHarbour #Bridge #lights

Somewhere over the Pyrmont Bridge…..

Jazz City BBQ Diner


Kathy my CRA sista from another motha and anotha mista is born on the same day as Mena my sista from the same motha and mista….the 4th of May is a joyous day indeed, happy Birthday girls.

We celebrated Kathy’s Birthday by hitting Jazz City Diner on Goulburn street, Surry Hills.


Chef Dan McGuirt seems to be in the habit of setting up the quintessential American diner in a hip Sydney spot, only to shut it down after a short while, and then re-open an even cuter diner in a new spot! I’m not sure as to  the reason behind this but I am hoping one day all of the Jazz diners will be open and running at the same time in Sydney.

Anyhow, we heard that Chef McGuirt had recently decided to bring the cuisine of the Deep South to the deep inner east…and since Kathy is a fan of southern style BBQ ribs, what better spot to celebrate her Birthday?!


The diner itself looked like it had been transported from the set of “Harry met Sally” or “Back to the Future”, down to the neon signs and the uniforms.


While the man himself was behind the counter serving up the Texan BBQ….



and to celebrate Kathy (and Mena’s) Birthdays I ate an extra large and juicy cheese burger…It was delicious…


and Gregols devoured the fried chicken and waffles….not in line with his lite & easy diet but finger lickin good nonetheless…

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Then to round it all off, we decided to grab desserts at Macchiato…..


Happy Birthday Kathy, here is to many more happy returns


and also happy birthday to my little sis Mena, all the way in Auckland….you should come and visit next year, and meet your birthday twin Kathy….we’ll have a combined party for you two…..

Tin/Aluminium Wedding Anniversary

#LoveHearts #darlingHarbour

And in March we celebrated our Tin/Aluminium Wedding Anniversary! Albeit in a proper senior citizen style.We went out to dinner at Darling Harbour (at about 5.30pm), after dinner we hummed and arrghed about dessert, do we get one each or do we share? Finally we opted for take away coffees and a walk along Darling Harbour. All in all, we were done and home by 8pm,  in the nick of time to catch Miss Marple! How geriatric is that?


However, Darling Harbour did lay it on for our anniversary, with heart shaped lights and heart shaped decorations. Thank you Darling Harbour (or Sydney City Council in your tardiness removing the Valentine’s Day decorations!) you made our day (and my photos)!



Then I got all nostalgic and decided to browse through our wedding photos;




I hope I didn’t bore you to sleep…..




Happy Wedding Tin/Aluminium Anniversary husband…..it feels like it was yesterday….until I look at those photos and see how young (and skinny) we were! and then realise that it’s been aaaagggeees….